leopardspice (leopardspice) wrote in oldskoolrave,

Hi everyone, I'm Carla, I work with Obsession/Obsessed.

Any fantazia nuts out there?

Next fantazia is in january, and although it *looks* like the ratpack and ellis dee aren't going to do a repeat performance (boo!) there's still a friggin stonking lineup!

N-Joi, Ultrasonic, Q-Tex,
Bizzare Inc, Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Altern8, Bass Generator, Stu Allen, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Sharkey, Vibes & Lively, Graeme Park

If anyone is going, I will be working on the Obsession/Obsessed laughing gas and obsession/fantazia merchandise stall! Come say hi to us!

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