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Hello *wave*

Thought I'd do a li'l introduction:

I'm Sharon, aged 30 and from Dundee, Scotland. I'm no stranger to the rave scene it has to be said! The Scottish scene was massive in the early-mid 90's....ultra sonic, chill fm, ultimate buzz, rhythmic state...aaahh memories!

I'm originally from Ayrshire, home of the legendary club Hangar 13, but I moved to Dundee to go to University in 1992. I still came home as often as I could to go clubbing on familiar ground. The scene in Dundee wasn't as thriving as the one in Ayrshire, so that's when I took up DJing and did the dance section of the 'alternative' night at Dundee Uni from late 92-early 95.

So that's the I am a part-time staff nurse in a busy Neuro unit and a part-time hair extensionist. I do 'wacky' extensions and hair pieces - the kind you'd find at big clubbing events on the heads of the all neon, glowing people! I have ass length black dreads myself.
Anyway.....I still spin, but I don't do clubs anymore. The last time I did a club set was for SiN in Dundee in 2003. It was good, but it didn't feel like the old days - and I had to play mostly powernoise/darkcore. I do love powernoise/darkcore/gabber etc, but my heart still lives in rave.

Finally.....going to see Ultra-Sonic, Ultimate Buzz, Neurotek and Human Resource in April....gotta love Scotland :)
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